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office depot rocks my socks

written at 12:36 a.m. on 09.15.05

I haven't had time to sit down and write a proper entry in days! What is wrong with this world?

With that out of my system, I would like to say that Office Depot (apparently Guilbert in Europe??) is one nice place to work. I'm completely impressed with the underlying values of the company and how they strive to implement them throughout every process. Seeing that my last job was for a Christian bookstore, I wasn't sure what to expect out of a large retail company. Being so obsessed with pens and paper products, the company could have the worst customer service ever, and I would never notice. I make it my personal goal to memorize the store layout of all local office supply places, so it's not like I ever have to interact with the employees until checkout, at which point I'm on such an office supply high that I'm completely oblivious to my surroundings.

In short, I'm totally loving my new job.

School is still pretty dang good, too. I still haven't made much progress in the friend department, but I'm on a pretty friendly level with most of my classmates and have spoken with a few of them outside of class, as well. That at least scores me a few "human interaction" points to tide me over through the long hours of hermitage when I'm sitting in front of a computer and chatting on AIM.

Speaking of AIM, I just discovered that people with Gmail accounts (if you want an invite, hit me up at cookie174[at]gmail.com) can get Google Talk accounts. I was so annoyed with AIM for disconnecting on me the other day for a ten-minute period that I spitefully downloaded Google Talk, though goodness knows I need another screenname and messenger like Bill Gates needs another penny.

Speaking of pennies (look at me and transitions today!), I'm very much looking forward to having money again. I can't decide what I should put the money toward first. A trip down to Texas to visit all the friends I made last year? My own cell phone (again.. finally!)?? Elijah Wood? Mmm...

Perhaps I should start saving up money so that I can pay for tuition and plane tickets to and from Texas so I can go back to school there. Maybe I should start making payments on the student loan I took out last year.

AHH! Life with money is almost as complicated as life without it! Perhaps moreso!

Wow, I cannot believe how horrible my room looks. I mean, I spent how many entries this summer promising myself that I'd get it cleaned up? And then I kept hoping that I wouldn't get stranded at home in Illinois this semester, but here I am... And it's not like everything is still packed and ready so I can claim that I'm ready for Texas. Noooo, my room has literally found a way to upload crap from other parts of the world. That's so totally nerdy of me to say, but I'm coming to terms with my nerdiness.

Anyway, from my doorway into my room, there is literally an expanse of six feet that is uncrossable due to the heaps of laundry that get dropped at my door as I strip on my way into my room. I can't go to the left or I'll hit the couch, and I can't cut across the middle because I cleverly built a baker's rack shelving system before clearing the space to put it. *thwack* Once I get near my desk, there is a cute little clear area surrounding my desk chair. Sometimes, I get in the clearning mood just long enough so I can spin around in my chair and throw away all the crap I can reach. There are about 30 stacks of books on my floor, most of them appearing out of nowhere. There is probably a trap door to hell growing beneath all this crap, but I would have no way of knowing.

My gosh, I think my cousins are coming to visit this weekend. I hope not... I can't even close my bedroom door to shut out the evil brewing here. AHHH! It's closing in on me! Something's creeping up my chair, my bedding fell off my bed and got lost amid a sea of shoes. Bloody hell, I'm going to get eaten by my own room!

Arg. Enough. I'm staying up all night and every night until this place is clean! This is madness!

Edit: I did stay up and clean an insane amount of my room, but I crashed at 2:30am.

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