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written at 10:20 a.m. on 09.19.05

I think everyone I know, regardless of gender, is menstrual right now. I kid you not. Sheryl's Chatterbox on her Xanga has been full of spiteful comments toward me. Someone picked on her design, and I echoed that person in saying that the color scheme was hideously ugly. Sheryl told me not to come back to Texas to visit, and a few of her friends (some of them supposedly mine, too) laughed. Then someone else came along to say, "Don't do design for a living. Ever. And check out Rachel's site for some good ideas." She asked why she would ever want hers to look like mine, and I responded with "Pink? Tasteful? *gasp* Why would anyone want to NOT blind people with their site?" or something to that effect (her favorite color is pink). She said "whatever," I brought up the fact that I'm a designer, and then said I wouldn't bother coming back until I could stand viewing the site. I was really infuriated at this point by her sudden turn in friendship. In the end, she wound up telling me she would like nothing more than for me to stop visiting the site, so I blocked her from my site (at Xanga, not here) and from the blogrings of mine she had joined.

I admit, I was ridiculously rash, and this reeks of high school drama. However, I am honestly quite upset. It seems a good portion of my friends have turned on me for unknown reasons, whereas I had originally been very excited to go visit them sometime this semester.

I'm too exhausted from the stress of work and school to think or act properly. I'm confused and hurt and angry.

I also missed work today due to a faulty reading of the schedule. I can't work on Sundays anyway, and I said that in the interview and about ten times since then. Oh well. Hopefully I'll have perfect attendance from here on out and won't have any other issues.

Between friend problems and work problems and falling a bit behind in my schoolwork, I'm stressing hardcore. If I could just call someone up and vent about it for a bit, I wouldn't be taking the time to write here, but I'm still hesitant to dust off my social butterfly wings. After all, that's what landed me back in Chicago in the first place--too much socializing, not enough studying. I don't like this end of the teeter-totter any better. Give me balance, dang it!!

Well, at this point, I'm just procrastinating on the hours of reading I have left to do. On the only bright side of this day, I got two loads of laundry done! By tomorrow, I will have clothes again! Clean ones!

Anyway, back to that reading stuff! *cracks whip* Let's keep our fingers crossed that this week is better than last week!

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