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senior prank.. the best ever

written at 9:36 p.m. on 04.26.04
Well, well, well. The fans clamor for news of my existence. Yes, I'm alive. No, the tornadoes did not kill me. No, my Stalker did not kill me, either.

The first thing on my mind is the senior prank we pulled last night. My gosh, it was the best in school history. Of course, we didn't have much competition. Last year, the seniors supposedly tied all the lockers together with string, but the teachers got there early and cut it all down. They also took the pictures off the wall and put them in the bathroom. Whoo-hoo. The class before them parked their cars on the sidewalk in an attempt to block the doors. That failed miserably. Both of these classes came to school the next day, too, whereas our class was smart enough to plan the prank the night before ditch day.

So, here's the prank: We moved the FruitWorks machine up the elevator to the information desk up front (a hassle). We took all the desks and chairs from the upstairs classrooms and set them up in the middle of the hallway, so it was impossible to walk. We put x-marks (using tape) over the senior's faces (pictures of the past graduating classes are hanging on the wall). We took any open locks out of lockers and put them on the wrong lockers. All closed locks that were not attached to the locker itself were collected and piled in front of the office. We filled the bottom half of the stairwell with balloons and the ceiling of the stairwell with helium balloons. Oh right, and we took the knight (a suit of armor) and positioned him at the urinal. The BEST part, the true heart of the prank.. We lined the entire bottom hallway with styrofoam cups that were filled with water. It looked amazing. You couldn't walk at all. It was SWEET.

In case I haven't mentioned this before, the high school is a wing of the church consisting of one two-story hallway. It's not like we have this three-acre building to cover with cups. But still, we spent a ton of money on cups, buying out whole stores and making several runs in the middle of the night to go get even more cups. It took three hours, but was well worth it.

My brother said that by the time he got to school, the upstairs was cleaned up, so all that was left was the tape on the pictures. He said that as he was walking in with some people, they were like, "dumb prank!" Then they walked downstairs and accidentally kicked over like 20 cups. They were totally impressed. We rock. Go seniors! Ok, I'm getting distracted by other stuff, like my grumbling stomach, so I'll finish saying stuff some other day. The end.

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