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Time to watch LOTR and ignore these icky responsibilities...

written at 12:51 a.m. on 10.19.06

Being twenty-one years old is supposed to be this thrilling ride, complete with parties, booze, hot dudes, sweet cars, great bods, bikinis, and make-out sessions with the hot dudes at the parties in the back of said cars whilst wearing the bikinis on the great bods and throwing booze around.


    Tomorrow's to-do list includes all of the following icky projects:
  • Call the loan company about my student loan to see if my fax went through.
  • Apply for a job on-campus.
  • Talk to the people of Academic Affairs so that I can sign some "contract" regarding my grades. I also get to give them an update on my attendance and grades thus far. (???) I'm confused about this one, but it sounds bloody awful.
  • Write and turn in four papers. Yeah, I'm a slacker.
  • Explain to my family and friends why I'm stabbing my eye out with a spork.

Responsibility, you are less than cool. Not less than or equal to... just less than.

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