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jumping spiders should burn in hell

written at 7:22 a.m. on 08.30.05

"How do you ensure that Rachel is up at 7am even though she went to bed at 3:30am? Simple. Plant a jumping spider in her room and train said spider to jump to the edge of her bed at 6:58am and 6:59am and 7am. The first time, she will swat at it and wonder how she woke up to the sound of a spider landing on her bed. By the second time, she will be paralyzed with fear. By the third time, she will scramble out of bed and escape to the bathroom.

"Yeah, that's a sucky way to wake up, let me tell you. But I am up, I do have three and a half more chapters to journal before 4pm, and I'm wearing my sexy new glasses. So... being up and about isn't entirely a bad thing. I just like my sleep in larger doses. And sans spiders."

I just stole that from my Xanga, but it's true and it is a true story from this morning.

Since I'm up earlier than I expected to be, I will take this time to write an entry. Woohoo.

Now, I left a placeholder entry recently, apparently because I had some great entry worked up. Umm.. riiight. I think I just made that up.

Let's see. School is grand, though I do need to start finishing my homework before that "Oh my gosh, I have twenty minutes 'til I need to leave for class! I need to brush my teeth and shove mascara at my eyes!" point in time. I also need to stop walking into my Shakespeare class as the teacher is shutting the door. That's going to get embarrassing really quickly. Plus, the rushed and frazzled look really isn't my best.

I got my new glasses yesterday, and I've been wearing them almost nonstop ever since. I did remember to take them off at 3:30 to go to bed, but other than that, they've pretty much settled in on my face. Mm. Sexy glasses. I'll have to get pictures sometime. Haha, actually, I always forget to post pictures here because nobody comments. On Xanga, I post pictures often to boost my average comment-per-entry from like five or so to like.. ten. Yeah, I'm still not gonna win any popularity awards any time soon, but it is nice to hear people sing your praises once in a while.. even if you're holding a gun to their head while they're doing it.

Now then, I'm going to plunge into some more of this The Secret Life of Bees business. Not too shabby of a book so far. I could end up loving it or only liking it by the end. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm out, homies.

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