a spoonful of random...

i miss my friiieeeennnddss... (sung to a random tune)

written at 10:19 a.m. on 09.24.05

Work is awesome. School is grood. Friends.. well..

So I've kinda deserted any Chicago friends that I had left. I'm missing some of my Texas friends more than others. I definitely want to see Haynes and Jason. I don't know how it is that the three of us get along so well, but it rocks my socks always.

I don't have time for a huge update at the moment, which makes me rather sad. I'm thinking about making one of those "one hundred things I want to do in the next year" list things like John, though I can't remember how long he gave himself to do all that stuff. Maybe when I get home from work I can do that.

On that note, I really should go shower and eat and whatnot.. work from noon til 8:30pm. I'm so glad Office Depot is not open late. And I'm so eternally grateful that the job has been so awesome so far. God definitely was watching out for me on that one.

Now if I can just stop worrying about all my friends and family in Texas... I know He has that under control, too.

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