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Skip therapy. Eat more frosting.

written at 11:06 p.m. on 10.05.06

Moving from Diaryland to MySpace and calling it an upgrade must be a joke. I randomly clicked on one of those gold-member banner things up top and was directed to this site. The first entry managed to hold my attention solely because the guy plays World of Warcraft. Yes, I sadly still play that game on occasion. As a guild leader and all that nerdy jazz, I kinda have a responsibility.

Anywho, I just found it funny that Diaryland was ditched for MySpace, rated the worst site on the internet by at least two people--myself and the person who wrote the article to which I just linked.

Yes, I have a MySpace, but only because someone once asked me to do a MySpace design, and I said, "A what-space design?" I signed up, I have friends, end of story. Does that change the lameness of MySpace? Not at all. It just goes to prove that I will sign up for any profile-related or blog-related site provided I might get a chance to make it pretty using xHTML and/or CSS.

The real point of this entry was not to rip on MySpace. In fact, that was only a side-note of a rant because I got distracted by the stupid banner above this entry box. *shakes fist at distraction that successfully distracted the easily distracted person writing this entry*

Last night, my roommate and I treated ourselves to dinner at Olive Garden, followed by a shopping spree at Wal*mart, and wrapped up with an evening of watching a chick flick (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) whilst eating frosting and Oreos. We rule.

THAT is the point of this entry. I want to look back some day and remember why it is that I loved college so much. Things like that will remind me.

P.S. On a disturbing note, it seems that older entries from this site are the ONLY things showing at YellowProject.org right now. The site usually features feeds from blogs of LeTourneau students, but it's been malfunctioning for months now. However, it was not until today that I noticed that the content that was previously frozen on the front page has been replaced with TiggerSnail entries from April of 2006. MAKE IT STOP!

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