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elijah wood is getting me a birthday present

written at 3:40 p.m. on 09.02.05

I just got back from a job interview at Office Depot. Huzzah. I think they liked me, though I might have come off sounding crazy, as usual. They asked me why I was interested in working at Office Depot, and I went off on how much I love pens, pencils, paper, and office supplies. I also mentioned that school supply shopping is my favorite thing to do ever. And the manager thought that was hilarious, but he may have been faking... you know, trying to play along with the games of the crazy person on the other side of the desk.

Oh well. If I don't get the job, it's not the end of the world. I do really like everyone I've met so far, though. I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared to jump back into training and ringing people up and answering phones and being busy 24/7. However, I do remember enjoying that once I got into the swing of things at the bookstore, so I think I'll like them here, too.

I've been screaming about this since last night, and I will continue to scream about it for weeks on end... Elijah Wood is in a new movie called Green Street Hooligans that hits theaters on September 9th. When is my birthday? That's right, September 4th. That definitely makes it a birthday present to me!! I'm so excited!! He's so damn sexy in this new movie, it hurts. Seriously, if I don't go see it opening night, I think I might die.

I actually saw the trailer for it on TV while I was watching something like Simpsons or something. Oh man, I saw his face and did a double-take. I was like... "No way.. no way, no way, no way!!! AIIEEE!!!!" Then I remember that everyone else in the house was sleeping and that I should shut up. Wow, I still get uber excited just thinking about it. Heck, I can't type, I'm so excited! I typed "shup" ten times before getting "shut up" out properly.

Wow. So.. life is grood. I mean good. And great. Great and good. Go Teen Girl Squad. And yay for everything at homestarrunner.com. And yay for Jessi leaving me a comment! And yay for life. And for Elijah Wood. And for my birthday.

I'm in such a good mood. But yet, I still want to kill someone.

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