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Sweet 16! Yet another design has arrived on the scene.

written at 3:32 a.m. on 10.28.06

Alright, so the new design is up. I'm still adjusting to the idea of it, and I may end up back with purple butterflies before the end of the week. I most definitely haven't fine-tuned every aspect of the design yet (particularly fun things like blockquotes and such). That being said, don't freak out if you see something that totally doesn't match with this design popping up on older entries. Furthermore, feel free to leave criticism of any kind in the notes or in the comments for this entry.

In extremely happy, non-design-related news, MY LOAN WENT THROUGH! Not the original loan that I got because Daniel co-signed. No, no. This is some random loan for which I don't even remember applying. The dollar amount for this loan covers the entire school year, rather than just one semester, and I don't need Daniel to risk his credit score for me to get this loan. It's a miracle!!!

That's pretty much my new motivation for getting up in the morning. One of the many things weighing me down as of late was the financial aspect of college, and to have that burden finally lifted has given me the freedom to concentrate on my remaining two issues--academic probation and chapel deficiency.

As far as academic probation goes, I'm on it due to the fact that I sucked at the whole college thing when I went to this school two years ago. Though I left the school for a year, my old GPA stuck around on the records, and I'm stuck paying the price for that now. I'm supposed to go sign some academic contract thing and have all my professors email my attendance records and current grades to this mysterious Wizard of Oz dude who I expect to find sitting behind a curtain. Bleh. If I don't start whipping out good grades, LeTourneau could potentially kick me out of school. Boooo.

The chapel deficiency thing could also lead to expulsion. Being that I was such a pathetic loser two years ago, I not only ditched class, but I never went to chapel. The school requires attendance at thirty-eight chapels a semester, which isn't really too shabby. Chapels are offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning, and there are several special night chapels throughout the year. However, I was dumb at the beginning of this semester, and am going to have to do at least five or so "make-up chapel credits" in order to avoid getting kicked out for enjoying three semesters of chapel deficiency. (Three strikes and you're out on that one.) Boo again.

Anyway, at least the financial aid aspect is under control. The rest, I'll deal with after I get some sleep, some chocolate, and some LOTR. w00t.

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